Nutritional Therapy Consultations With Cara Wingar

How to book and what you can expect

What you can expect

How to book

Cara offers a FREE 20-30 minute phone consultation prior to any bookings, to discuss your issues, whether Nutritional Therapy is a suitable direction for you to take, and whether you wish to continue with a face-to-face in the Nottingham area or online consultation.

Should you wish to go ahead, Cara will require you to complete a few simple questions regarding the health issues that you would like to address, your health during the stages of your life, family history and whether you are currently taking any medication. This can be done during the free phone consultation. Prior to the appointment, Cara will also require a 3-4 in-depth food and drink diary, at least 2 days before the initial consultation. 


The Initial Consultation, approximately 1hr-1hr 30mins - during the initial nutritional therapy consultation, Cara will go through the questions you were asked and information you provided over the phone, and what may be potentially causing these issues. She will talk you through her analysis and explain every area of particular interest/concern. Following from this, Cara will go through your food diary with you, picking out areas which can be improved/modified/changed, in order to work towards eliminating your symptoms and improving your overall health. You may also be recommended a few natural short-term supplements to aid your body's healing process, alongside recommended dietary changes.

Follow Up Consultations, approximately 30-40mins - should you wish to book any follow-up consultations, these would generally be expected between 4-6 weeks after the previous consultation, as this is the time that should be allowed to start noticing the effects of any dietary changes and supplementation. During a follow-up appointment, you can expect to go through your symptoms, whether there have been any improvements or any new concerns. Cara will discuss with you what changes you have made since the previous consultation, and whether any further adjustments are recommended.

*Consultations are based in the Nottingham area, either at an office Cara works from, or home visits are considered. 

*Online consultations are also available.

To book your FREE phone consultation to discuss how Nutritional Therapy can help you, or to book an initial face-to-face or online consultation, please see 'Contact Cara Wingar Nutritional Therapy'. 




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